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Cross Training

CROSS TRAINING combines strength training, cardio and gymnastics. Although intensive, this sport is open to everyone and it brings you making functional and everyday moves in a sharing, friendliness and solidarity spirit. CROSS TRAINING allows you weight loss or muscle gain if the latter is desired. It gives you a better resistance ability to effort, improves your breath and allows an energy gain.


BOXING is a combat sport with cooperation where you can use legs and/or punches sequences within a framework where rules and noble values are standing as respect, rigour, kindness and perseverance. With LA.SALLE.DE.SPORT Paris Madeleine Video, let’s discover CONDITIONING BOXING - a conditioning training against the backdrop of boxing that prepares you also for boxing. Thanks to strength exercises fitted to boxing practice, you will on work all the physical abilities boxing request like speed, resistance and endurance. You will make your waist slimmer and strengthened, tone up your body, improve your breath, be more self-confident, be more coordinate, let off some stream and relax the pressure.

Yoga / Pilates

YOGA will balance your body and mind through a sequence of physical postures and breathing exercises. You will strengthen your whole body, gain flexibility, improve your posture and coordination. You will improve your balance, be more self-confident, reduce your stress and relax – you slow down to focus deeper.

PILATES is a functional and postural training program. You rediscover every part of your body through movements that engage and develop your deep muscles, with a focus on your breathing. PILATES tends to improve your posture, your muscle balance and joint flexibility. It provides overall strengthening and prepares you for more intense efforts.

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